Congratulations to Scott T. Morrison for the "Star Wars Insider," Editor's Choice: Best of Celebration III - Posed, 2005 Photo of the Year.  This photo along with many more shots taken by Scott T. Morrison can be viewed at or by clicking the thumbnails below for maximum viewing pleasure..


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In honor of the 2005 release of the final Star Wars film "Revenge of the Sith", a huge convention took place in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Held in the city's enormous downtown convention center, it was an entire weekend devoted to a galaxy far, far away.  Leia's Metal couldn't resist the chance to capture a group photo of all the ladies dressed as slave girls.  So the word was put out and here are the results!  Thanks to everyone who participated, and a big debt of gratitute to photographer Scott Morrison.

The final photo (above) is available as a full color, high resolution print  suitable for framing.  Visit Scott Morrison's website or email him directly at for more information.

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